Window Innovation For Healthcare Providers

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We’ve looked at how printed window films can make a big difference to how welcoming your medical center is, combined with allowing you to define your mission, opening hours and name through custom designs. But there more areas to think about within medical centers than purely the reception area. Treatment rooms and wards often take up a large part of hospitals or clinics. In maternity hospitals, for example, these will range from delivery suites through to post-natal care bed wards. The format and requirement for these areas will vary according to the specialism of the hospital. Areas where patients are recovering will need to be quiet, secure and comfortable – so as a medical practice, how can you ensure this environment is right for your medical center? HDClear have the window options

Window Ideas For Hospitals

Temperature regulation, security and managing privacy of your patients is essential for a hospital, particularly in a ward area where patients may be bed bound and may not be able to get out of bed to manage the windows. Choosing custom printed window films is a sensible choice that offers numerous benefits.  HDClear offer a wide range of film options that suit every area. If you are looking to provide privacy and incorporate your hospital colours, there are fades, custom designs or patterns that can individually tailored to your needs. The printed areas will be sharp, professional and provide a barrier giving your patients privacy and peace while unprinted areas remain clear. The films are incredibly durable offering a 10 year warranty, and provide a shatterproof surface in the eventuality of accidental run ins.  An additional benefit of HDClear films is to offer exceptional UV protection which is essential for convalescing patients in a bed. What more could you want from a window film?

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